Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Equipment and facilities:

We have state of art heat treatment facility comprising 

  • 20  nos. Heat Treatment furnaces. (Gas fired Sealed Quench, Drip feed carburizing furnaces , and controlled atmosphere continuous hardening and tempering furnaces) with continuous data logging facility for process control and monitoring.
  • Nitrogen plant - 30 M3/Hr capacity.
  • LPG Storage installation.
  • Vibro finishing machine for super polishing of steering parts.
  • Shot blasting machine - Schlick make, Germany.
  • Brinell, Vickers hardness testers.
  • Micro hardness testers - Zwick Germany and Future tech Japan.
  • Metallurgical Microscope and Image Analyzer - Zeiss, Germany.
  • Stereo Microscope - Zeiss, Germany.
  • Universal testing machine.


Heat treatment processes carried out include :-

  • Annealing
  • Gas carburizing, hardening and tempering- From 0.1m to 1.3mm case depth requirements.
  • Bright hardening and tempering.


The processes are monitored, controlled and qualified as per the set parameters and all production and quality assurance activities are managed by team of qualified and experienced engineers and workmen under the leadership of the chief metallurgist.


The steering system of an Automobile falls under category of Safety critical part, and essentially very special steels and other materials of unique compositions are selected and used after proper heat treatment operations. Hence, we have created the necessary infrastructure for heat treating up to 300T/Month, including a modern metallurgical laboratory and special process techniques that are required to achieve the desired Metallurgical performance standards. 


All key equipment have been provided with complete power back up to ensure the uninterrupted process which is essential for excellent metallurgical properties.