ZF India
M033 Ball and Nut Type Power Steering Gear

Application: Sports Utility Vehicle / Multi Utility Vehicle


Technical Specification:

  • Capacity Range - 0.5 to 1.5 Ton Front Axle Weight (FAW)
  • Constant Steering Ratio - 18.9 : 1



  • Exact and Clerance free Steering: Precise measuring of the friction torques during assembly. Well designed construction and consistent manufacturing.
  • Immediate Power Assistance: A favourable relationship between valve spool stroke and steering wheel rotation provides power assistance without any time lag.
  • Small Dimension: Compact design which is hardly larger than a comparable Manual Steering Gear.
  • Easy Operation: The Sector Shaft and the Worm are mounted on anti-friction bearings. The special sealing rings used causes low friction torques and provides high efficiency.
  • Trouble Free Steering: Simple construction of the Steering system. Short distances and low specific loads of the hydraulic control device. Modular design with all pressure and return.
  • Adjustability: The play caused by normal wear and smoothing due to long-time operation can be corrected on the vehicle by simple adjustment of the sector shaft.
  • Positive Road Feel: The forces actually acting on the steering system can still be felt on the steering wheel, although to a fairly reduced degree. The relation between operating.
  • Steerable even without power: In case of failures in the hydraulic system, e.g. during towing, because of engine failure, the steering can be operated manually upto a certain vehicle size.


  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Force Motors